Peoria Chiller System Service and Repair

Peoria Chiller System Service and Repair
Peoria Chiller System Service and Repair

When summer is around the corner, you know that you want your chiller in good shape so that when that hot weather finally hits home, you will have something to keep you cool. HVAC chillers are the best way to keep your building chilled. If your building does not have a chiller system or your current chiller system is not working properly, you need to find an expert technician to look it up and ensure that it is working properly. A chiller system that is not working properly will either be repaired or be replaced. At Peoria 24 Hour HVAC Service, we offer affordable Chiller System Service and Repair in and around Peoria AZ. You can contact us, to have your chiller changed or replaced at an affordable price, and by an expert technician.

Should I Repair or Replace my Chilling System?

Most homeowners, and generally anybody who owns a building will ask this question. The decision whether to repair or replace your chilling system is a sensitive decision. Chiller systems are reliable and can last over a long time; however, to ensure that they achieve the durability and reliability, you will have to ensure that you have a robust maintenance program. A robust Chiller system maintenance program will include regular inspections and scheduled maintenance activities. This does not mean that your chiller system will not require replacing in the end. The following are the reasons why people will opt to repair instead of replacing the chiller system

  1. Installing a new chiller system can be disruptive to the building and other people who use the building
  2. A full installation of a new chiller system takes a very long time,
  3. Installing a new chiller system can be expensive since it might interrupt other HVAC systems that are in place

These factors will make you opt for a rigorous maintenance program. However, even when the chiller system is working, your expert may ask you to replace the entire chiller system. Contact Peoria 24 Hour HVAC Service and we will help you decide.

Why should I replace my Peoria AZ Chiller system?

It is important that you ensure a continued maintenance of a chiller system so that it lives a longer life. Replacing a chilling system will take a long time, and resources and that is why people will fear to change the chilling system. Whereas the primary reasons that can make you change, your chilling system is when it experiences a catastrophic failure, or after a professional suggests that you should change your chilling system before it experiences a massive failure, there are other reasons that should make you replace your chilling system. These are

  1. Efficiency- Modern chillers are more efficient and consume less power compared to older chillers. This will save on costs
  2. Load changes- over the life of your chiller, the building’s need for a larger chiller system may have developed. This requires a chiller system that can handle more load
  3. If your expert feels that, your chiller needs changing. The technician who takes care of your chiller might advise you to replace the chiller.

Still confused whether your chiller system needs changing? Why don’t you contact us?

How much will it cost me to Replace or Repair my Chiller System?

The cost of repairing or replacing your chiller system will depend on different factors such as the size of your building, other systems that might get interrupted while replacing the chiller system, and will even differ from one Chiller replacement or repair service provider to another. Contact Peoria 24 Hour HVAC Service to receive a quotation.